Project Title: Raising Awareness of COVID-19 for young people

We are raising awareness of covid-19, this project is built around the local South Wales community. The way we do business is changing. People are comfortable working from home. Employers who have invested in home working are seeing benefits in terms of increased productivity, lower rates of sickness, higher quality work. All these benefits are being achieved as a result of the C-19 lock-down. The retail sector is changing significantly with on-line shopping now recording the highest percentage of purchases. Therefore, will there be a need to go back to renting large office floor places and major retail stores? There is likely to be increased demand for services in the leisure sector, particularly hospitality and catering. Traditionally many of the jobs have been taken up by non-UK residents. There will be huge opportunities in these sectors where the emphasis will be on quality of service provision.

Language Academy Wales in Cardiff and the South Wales regions are helping its local community during this challenging time. Thank you for the support of National Lottery Funding, for supporting us in raising awareness of COVID-19 for young people project.

We will be raising awareness of the correct information being disseminated and that misinformation is shown as such to give you the best information in order to make informative decisions.

(Raising Awareness of COVID) The Aims/Objectives of this Project are:

  1. Understanding and raising awareness of the challenges that lie ahead due to COVID-19.
  2. Raise awareness of COVID-19, its symptoms, and the need for protection for all individuals.
  3. Understand how individuals can help to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, families and more.

Language Academy Wales supporting the community thanks to National Lottery Small Grant Community Funding:

Language Academy Wales has recently been successfully in a funding application for £10,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund to carry out this project.

Raising Awareness of COVID-19 for young people in Wales is an example showcase project to support the local community.

Mike Tan, the director of Language Academy Wales said: “This project is incredibly important during this current climate to give young people the knowledge and ability to understand COVID-19. There is a lot of misinformation being circulated presently and we strive to ensure that the right information is disseminated”.

The National Lottery Small Grant Community Fund is prioritising grant application for community activity related to COVID-19. To find out more about this opportunity please visit:


COVID-19 has affected many individuals and it continues to do so. We are looking to provide an awareness to the South Wales communities. Helping them to fully understand COVID-19 and what they can do to lessen the spread. As a ‘not for profit organisation’ we want to help as many people as we can. We believe that this project can greatly decrease the infection rate by raising people’s awareness of COVID-19 in our everyday life.


This website is online and therefore is available to anyone with an access to the internet. However, our main target audience is young individuals in the South Wales region.

How are we going to achieve our aim and objectives?

  1. We will be meeting with individuals in the South Wales region to understand what they do and don’t know about COVID-19, and how to decrease spreading and more.
  2. We will be meeting with a steering group consisting of individuals/professionals who help to steer the project, assist in auditing the project and ensure that the project is done in a timely manner.
  3. A website will be created showing the best practices to decrease the spread of COVID-19.
  4. Research will be undertaken to find out how to decrease the spread, the current government guidelines, and recognised guidelines provided by the British Government and World Health Organisation.

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